Quiz: Which is the best gym equipment for you?

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Are you going to train in the gym? Choose the best machines / equipment for your muscles, mind and personality with our fun quiz.

Have you ever walked into the gym and felt unsure where to go? Should you go for the stationary bike or have you already been sitting for far too long? Should you try the treadmill or would you be better off focussing your efforts in the free weight area?

The ideal machine is the one that allows you to train to reach your goals, feel comfortable and enjoy yourself while you’re at it. So take our quiz and find out the best equipment for you.

1.What’s your idea of a good time?

a) Shopping ‘til I drop

b) Dancing the night away

c) Staying home with a good movie or a book

d) An outdoors date paddle boating, roller skating or playing tennis

2.What kind music track is on your mind while you workout?

a) Romantic pop

b) Groovy funk

c) Classic rock tunes

d) Electronic or techno music

3.What is your biggest exercise goal?

a) To burn calories

b) To shape and tone by lower body

c) To shape and tone my upper body

d) All of the above

4.Which female celebrity body do you admire the most?

a) Taylor Swift, thin and petite

b) Kim Kardashian’s curves

c) Gigi Hadid’s rock-hard stomach and super-lean arms

d) Serena William — strong is the new skinny

5.Which male celebrity body do you admire the most?

a) Orlando Bloom — lean and fast

b) Vin Diesel’s toned figure

c) Will Smith’s buff and mean abs

d) Terry Crews — power is my middle name

6.What is happening inside your brain when you train?

a) I’m just daydreaming

b) I’m thinking about all the tasks on my list for the day

c) I’m focussing on my end goals

d) I’m counting repetitions and times

Mostly A’s: Treadmill

You are trying to burn calories and find the right track to reach your goals. Whether you’re racing or just pacing along this is the ideal machine if you want to get into automatic and just move. It’s designed to move the way your body is meant to move and is probably the easiest machine to use. Just push start and adjust it to your ideal speed and grade. You can burn about 100 calories per mile just walking briskly.

Mostly B’s: Elliptical trainers and stair steppers

These machines offer reduced impact on your joints and increased intensity on the focus areas you want to work on. Tone and shape your muscles in the most effective way and keep your energy high on these machines that can be adjusted to your fitness level and desired intensity. Include upper body and arm workouts to make the most of your time using a more natural, functional movement.

Mostly C’s: Rowing machines

Want to row gently down the stream? Maybe not this time. These machines are probably one of the most effective ways to do cardio. That full-body motion requires pushing the legs while pulling the arms and engaging those core abdominal muscles, giving you the perfect way to row right to your goals. Make sure to have the right tutorial on how to make the most of this equipment with one of our experts so you can maximise the full benefits of this high-intensity and fun machine.

Mostly D’s: Free weights

You’re building your goals and you’ve got just the right set of tools to do it. In the free weights area you can access all the gym equipment you need to develop and progress at your own pace. Raise the bar with a personal trainer to learn the right techniques and make the most of the training routines and plans that allow you to sculpt your ideal body anytime, every time.

Posted in Fitness and tagged quiz, gym, equipment, fitness.