The Importance of Physical Activity

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In every moment of our life, the movement is present. Developing some form of physical activity is a basic necessity for the physical and mental well-being of the human being, and is essential in the fight against sedentarism and its harmful effects.

The activity should be practiced regularly and, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), ideally at least 3x per week. It can be a sport, a walk ... The greater the diversity of stimuli, the greater the chances of achieving better performance and results.

It is often an activity to work for particular muscle groups, while others are not stimulated. For example, running is an excellent exercise to develop aerobic fitness and makes prolonged use of large muscle groups of the lower limbs. A runner can then do bodybuilding to strengthen the trunk muscles, something the race does not do.

Studies support the premise that using two or more types of aerobic exercise in your training regimen can work as a stimulator and provide important adaptations in your body.

By combining different modes of physical activity, it prevents the same muscle groups and joints from being repeatedly requested in the same way. It also reduces the likelihood of your body being assaulted by too much exercise and getting injured.

This combination may also have a very positive effect on long-term adherence to a specific type of physical activity.

What are the benefits of practicing different modes of physical activity?

  • Reduces lack of motivation for exercise;
  • Allows you to have flexibility with your training programs and needs (if the gym is closed you can do a run on the street);
  • Produces a higher level of general physical fitness;
  • Reduces the risk of injury;

-Possible to work for certain muscle groups while others rest and recuperate;

  • Sometimes he can continue to work, even if he is injured;

The important thing is that you are satisfied with the chosen practice and that it is performed in a pleasant environment.

Why not adopt a versatile workout plan that includes pool, gym, and group classes? This way, in addition to escaping to some monotony, you have the guarantee that you will be stimulating your body completely and correctly.

Posted in Fitness