Treadmill vs Elliptical - Benefits of top gym machines

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Treadmill or elliptical? They’re gym staples and both have their benefits - but which is best for you?

Assessing the benefits of these two gym beauties is not always straightforward - neither one is preferable over the other. But by looking at the benefits of both, you can make an informed decision on which cardio machine is best to suit your personal training needs. Let’s take a look.

Benefits of using a treadmill: 

1. Healthy heart:

Using a treadmill can vastly improve the condition of your heart. Think of every brisk walk, jog or sprint on a treadmill as a cardio workout, reducing the stress on your heart and lowering your blood pressure. Always remember to consult with your doctor prior to any heavy use of the treadmill if you already have a heart condition diagnosis and take extra precautionary measures. Book a session with one of our personal trainers and we’ll create a personalised training plan to accomodate any heart issues.

2. Reliable with no complications:

The treadmill is a steadfast honourable member of every gym, it’s easy to use and ideal if running is your focus. Outdoor running in the winter can be daunting and as appealing as a hair in your lunch. So for those fair weather runners, the treadmill is a dream machine. A treadmill’s consistency, opposed to running on unlevel terrain, makes running indoors easier on your body.  

3. Emulates natural movement:

Technology is constantly developing and this can bring frustration for the user when they need to learn how to use it initially. Until you’ve mastered this newfound apparatus then your body can be placed into awkward and unhealthy movement. But the treadmill emulates your running movement naturally, reducing the risk of injury and helping you reach your goals. 

4. Strengthens bones:

Running and even walking on a treadmill can help towards strengthening your bones, help towards keeping brittle bones at bay and assist in keeping a good posture.

Here are the pros of indoor running that will get you ready to run.

Benefits of using a Elliptical: 

1. Non-impact training:

There's often the worry that too much running can take its toll on your knees, hips, ankles and other joints. Enter the elliptical: allowing you to progress with your fitness regime without causing impact on your joints.

2. More than just for running:

Elliptical cross training design allows you to exercise your upper body and lower body at the same time. The arm and leg motions add more dimension to your training rather than just centering on your legs. 

3. Less intensity with good results:

You wouldn’t know it, but you’re exercising more than you realise when working out with an elliptical. This is because when your heart rate is deceivingly lower on an elliptical, enticing you into believing that you haven’t worked out as hard as you believed.

4. Reverse stride:

Most ellipticals have a reverse option which permits you to stride in reverse. This brings more variety to your workout and allows you to use other muscles that aren’t activated while running forward.

5. Healthy heart and stronger bones:

When it comes to a healthy heart and increased bone density, the elliptical has the same benefits as the treadmill. It boosts cardiovascular health while helping your bones strengthen. 

So, the old ‘treadmill vs elliptical’ conclusion? Looking at the overall benefits of each machine, it could be argued that the elliptical wins with gold. But it all really depends on what you want out of a machine and what result you want for your body.

If you’re an old-fashioned, straightforward, avid runner then the treadmill could be the gym buddy you need. But if you also want to concentrate on muscles in your upper body, with less impact on your joints, then using the elliptical is going to provide you with better results than a treadmill. For a more holistic, playful and inspiring approach to exercise and wellness, it would be naturally advantageous to bring both into your workout regime.

With treadmill or elliptical, if you are interested in burning calories with gym machines here is what you should know.

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