Ultimate summer sunset playlist

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Woman beach fitness outfit listening to music headphones sunset | Holmes Place

It's time to live the days that make the best memories with the right summer soundtrack.

Do you enjoy lying down on the sand, hearing the sound of the waves, drinking your favourite juice, feeling at peace with yourself (or maybe even holding hands with your special one) and watch as a sublime sunset unfolds? 

After all the exercise and fun during the day, now is the time to relax a little bit and enjoy the last hours of sun and this soundtrack is perfect for that.

We begin with a French duo called Agar Agar, smooth and chill synthpop. Then the new record by Gorillaz in a track with the beautiful guitar of George Benson, followed by a Portuguese act called Best Youth, with a new song, which sets a somewhat romantic mood for the night ahead. In between, new music from Pavo Pavo that almost recalls The Moody Blues, the acoustic sounds of Cut Worms, Charles Watson and The Saxophones. 

Smooth sounds for a perfect sunset! Relax and enjoy.

In your playlist

Agar Agar - Sorry About The Carpet

Gorillaz - Humility

Best Youth - Midnight Rain

Spiritualized - I'm Your Man

The Voidz - Lazy Boy

Pavo Pavo - Statue is a Man Inside

Duquesa - Afinal

Cut Worms - Like Going Down Sideways

Tracyanne & Danny - Alabama

Alen Tagus - Time Passing By

Still Corners - Black Lagoon

Charles Watson - You've Got Your Way Of Leaving

The Saxophones - Singing Desperately

Liima - 2 Hearted

Art of Noise - Moments In Love

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Posted in Playlist and tagged Playlist, Music, Summer, Sunset.