Easter (Egg) Soundtrack

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By now, you've certainly heard about those. The name evokes the traditional Easter hunt, where real hard-boiled and decorated eggs were hidden in places for children to find. If you fast forward a couple of years, culture has used the expression "Easter Egg" to describe something that is hidden in a work of art, a video game or even a B-side in a music CD.

This is the Easter egg hunt we did. A good exercise that it will make you wonder why some of the most famous artists have chosen to hide some of these tracks to be hidden or just go to a B-Side.
Of course, they're Easter eggs and B-sides but they're not forgotten and above all, they are good songs to listen while in the gym. It's a mix of old and new, from The Roots to The Clash, from Wilco to The Beatles, and The Smiths to Pearl Jam.

We start off with the Easter eggs: tracks that were first hidden but then became relevant.
We then move to the B-Sides, a small collection of true gems that were put on the B-side. Nicely done, The Beatles. Nicely done.

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