Try these spa treatments if you really want a lean body

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Try these spa treatments if you really want a lean body

It’s that time of year again. We’re slowly ditching the layers and getting our skin back out in the open. But after months of indulgence and less-than-glowing weather, your body can end up feeling puffed up, blocked up and a little worse-for-wear.

We all know that a good spa treatment can leave us feeling pounds lighter - but there are treatments that can actually make you lighter and leaner, too. Lap up the luxury and lose inches with these in-spa and at-home treatments that promise a beautiful body as well as a rejuvenated mind.

Release your lymph nodes

Your lymphatic system is to thank for filtering and cleaning away all the toxins and waste in the body. When our lymph system is blocked up, we end up feeling bloated and tired. And since the lymph is a fluid packed with infection-busting white blood cells, a sluggish lymphatic system also makes us more susceptible to colds and infections.

Lymph nodes are found all over the body - from the groin to the armpit - and by stimulating them with rhythmic, circular motions, a massage therapist can help move the fluids back to the heart.

You will feel lighter, less bloated, and, if you suffer from cellulite regular lymphatic massages will reduce its appearance.

Wrap it up

You’ll find a powerful, detoxifying body wrap can work wonders for your figure. It works by dispersing cellulites and toxins, easing away the inches to leave you with a lean, sculpted silhouette.

Before being wrapped with the cocooning, velvety treatment, you’ll be nourished with oils to hydrate, condition, tone and tighten your skin - draining dirt, toxins and excess water. It’s this that helps contour your body and can see you lose a dress size or two. Complete relaxation and almost instant weight loss? It’s small wonder body wraps are a popular treatment.

Scrub it off

In addition to making your skin feel soft and wonderful, body exfoliators can help make your body lean by lifting layers of dead skin cells, dirt and oil from your skin. Many of us make exfoliating our faces a regular part of our beauty routine, but the rest of your body is missing out on the inch-reducing benefits.

Can’t make it to the spa? This DIY body polish has a soft grainy texture that will boost circulation, help drain lymph nodes and leave you feeling leaner and glowing in no time.
What you need:
1 cup of pink Himalayan salt
Half a cup of raw sugar
Half a cup of coconut oil
1 big lemon

Mix all the ingredients together in a mason jar and take it into the shower with you, using your hands to massage it all over the skin. Not only will you smell delightful, you’ll also reduce the appearance of dreaded cellulite.

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