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A good night sleep can actually boost your immune system and promote a healthy weight. Learn what sleeping does for you and uncover the exercises that can help you sleep better.

In this guide, you’ll find what happens when we don’t get enough quality sleep, and all the benefits we get from proper rest. 

Just for fun, we’ve also included a lighthearted review of a study that analyses what your sleep position can tell about you and your personality, and we matched it to the perfect fitness classes. Did we get it all right?

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And here are some extra tips to get you inspired. Get set, ready, rest!

10 Simple rules to sleep better naturally:

  • Reduce the consumption of alcohol, caffeine, nicotine and other chemicals that interfere with sleep and avoid them before going to bed.
  • Turn the room into a sleep-inducing environment, dark, calm and comfortable. This will help you sleep better.
  • Establish a calm and relaxing routine one hour before going to sleep.
  • Go to bed only when you feel tired.
  • Once in bed do not constantly look at the clock, so as not to increase the feeling of stress.
  • Use daylight to regulate the internal clock. Let her enter the room in the morning, and go out for a mid-day walk. Light helps the body to perceive the natural rhythms.
  • Lying down and waking up at the same times helps you sleep better. Establish a routine that ensures that.
  • Dine early and eat light meals in order to avoid a very slow digestion.
  • Drink the correct amount of liquids at night to avoid waking up thirsty in the middle of sleep. But do not exaggerate or you'll spend the night going to the bathroom.
  • Exercise early in the morning or at most up to three hours before going to bed. You will be more tired when you lie down and the alert effect caused by physical exercise will have passed.

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Posted in Lifestyle and tagged Rest , Sleep, Recovery, Ebook, Guide, Weight loss, Health, Lifestyle.