3 Light, Fresh and Sweet Desserts

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Summer Desserts Prepared with amazing Superfoods, these 3 recipes are perfect to finish a family lunch or to offer the perfect ending to a delightful summer day.

Acai is a rich, deep purple fruit, which is similar in shape to a grape and has a mild chocolate-y berry sweetness. Try it in an amazing Blackberry-Acai Popsicles recipe.

Passion Fruit
Once you discover the benefits of passion fruit, also known as grenadilla, you’ll be feeling very much in love with the tropical superfood, specially in this incredible Chia Pudding with a Passion Fruit Elixir.

Many tie the superfood to eternal youth, or a health miracle berry at the very least. Of course, behind the myths and beliefs, there is always some truth. Try it in this delicious Goji and Carrob Cake.

Fresh, light and low in calories, try all our recipe Summer Desserts suggestions and they’ll become part of your favourites all year long. Find more delicious and healthy suggestions at www.goodnessis.com and enjoy.

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Posted in Nutrition