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Why most people reach their fitness goals with a personal trainer

It’s a question we hear time and time again: “Do I really need a personal trainer?”. If you’re serious about hitting goals, here’s why a PT can work wonders.
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8 tips to maximise your time and effort at the gym

Make every gym session count with these effective workout tips, from the power of music to smart stretching.​
pilates class indoor fitness flexibility posture balance Holmes Place

On your mat, get-set, go: Six brilliant benefits of pilates

Posture, balance, avoiding back pain… What are the main benefits of Pilates and should you start doing it?
 Woman weight training hiit workout fitness strength Holmes Place

HIIT workouts - how they work

If you keep hearing about HIIT’s magic fat-burning qualities but aren’t quite sure if you believe the hype, we’ve got the facts. Here’s how HIIT transforms your body - and how to get started.
Homem a treinar | Palatinose | Resistência Treinos Longos | Holmes Place

Palatinose: para obter uma maior resistência em treinos longos

Sabia que a Palatinose promove energia física e mental por tempo prolongado? É ideal para quem procura resistência e rendimento físico em treinos longos.
Personal Trainer a fazer orientação inicial de treino no ginásio | Holmes Place

O que analisam os Personal Trainers na sua primeira visita ao ginásio?

Peso, IMC, Massa Muscular, Taxa metabólica basal... tudo o que os nossos personal trainers podem indicar-lhe na sua primeira visita ao ginásio.

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