Mulher a treinar com Personal Trainer no ginásio | Holmes Place

Personal Trainer: A importância de uma abordagem personalizada para o fitness

Um Personal Trainer pode ajudá-lo a identificar os melhores exercícios por forma a alcançar objetivos realistas e alcançáveis. Sem isso, pode não só perder tempo e dinheiro, mas também a motivação. Saiba o que pode ganhar com uma abordagem personalizada para fitness.
woman crunches indoor gym fitness club personal training | Holmes Place

Abdominal fat and what to do about it - by MD Thordis Berger

All you need to know about abdominal fat... including how to get rid of it. Tips and advice by MD Thordis Berger.
Older couple bycicle ride park sunny day | Holmes Place

benefits of fitness: Love your grandparents? Get them to exercise now

You already know that exercise offers numerous benefits for older adults. But how to persuade your grandparents? We’ve got your back.
 First aid kit ankle woman fitness bandage Holmes Place

How to make your medical first-aid kit to keep at home

How to make your medical first aid kit to keep at home? MD Thordis Berger lists it all.
woman fitness outfit drinking green smoothie detox | Holmes Place

How exercise tells the brain to curb appetite by M.D. Thordis Berger

Hunger is a complex phenomenon. Learn how exercise can help control appetite and how this supports your fitness goals.
women indoor cycling bike training gym workout fitness | Holmes Place

Tricks to speed metabolism by MD Thordis Berger

These are the best tricks to speed metabolism and help you lose weight more efficiently by MD Thordis Berger.

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