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Dieta: dicas para comer menos doces

Fazer uma dieta sem comer doces pode parecer quase impossível mas existem estratégias para contornar o desejo por algo doce. Preparado para as aplicar?
salmon avocado nuts eggs olive oil ingredients table healthy diet fats holmes place

Is fat our enemy? What happens when you cut fats from your diet?

For years we’ve been bombarded with nasty information about fat - but what actually happens when we remove it from our diets?
woman smiling drinking cup holmes place

Fasting 101: Is it the way forward?

We all know eating late is ‘bad for us’ but should we be skipping the last meal of the day and fasting? Here’s the lowdown on spacing out your meals.
Bebés | Alimentação | Holmes Place

Alimentação: o que devem comer os bebés?

A alimentação dos bebés no 1º ano de vida tem um impacto marcado na saúde e nos hábitos alimentares a curto e longo-prazo.
Supplement nutritional training whey collagen amino acids BCAA Holmes Place

Supplements and what they do - Whey, BCCA, Collagen, Amino Acids

Here are some of the main supplements and what they do, improving your nutritional intake and having a positive knock-on effect on how you exercise​
healthy veggie pizza slices with basil diet | Holmes Place

5 ways to treat yourself without wrecking your diet

There’s a thin line between treating yourself and going overboard, but it is possible to reward yourself with the foods you love without leading to weight gain.

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